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March - The Loft

For the month of March, 10% of proceeds from our online Bookstore will support The Loft, an organization dedicated to writing and reading.

Founded in 1974 (incorporated in 1975), the Loft is a haven for readers and writers; one of the largest centers of its kind in the country. Our mission is to advance the artistic development of writers, foster a thriving literary community, and inspire a passion for literature.

This work is essential. We believe that story, verse, and writing aren’t just nice things to put on a shelf, but are core to a full existence. At their best, words help us connect, entertain, mourn, provoke, educate, and empathize.

We accomplish our work by bringing essential conversations, artists, readers, and learning opportunities together under one roof, including classes, conferences, festivals, events, grants and awards, one-on-one services for writers, residencies, and community engagement.

Incorporated on August 22, 1975, the Loft started in the loft space above Marly Rusoff's bookstore. We started as a grassroots gathering space for poets and writers to share their work and improve their craft. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the nation’s leading independent literary centers. Annually, the Loft offers hundreds of classes, awards and grants for writers, readings and events, major festivals and conferences, and other resources for readers and writers.


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